1. What is Mi-WiFi?

Mi-WiFi is cloud based software (accessed online) which gives a venue the controls to manage the internet access given to staff and guests there. Together with the required hardware they form a professional looking, easy using, slick operating system that helps market the establishment.

2. How does Mi-WiFi work?

A branded login page will display on the device requesting internet access, and certain steps need to be taken to get that access depending on the settings put in place by the venue. Either the guest needs to enter a code, or click on “Free Access” or they enter details for access. Access to the internet will not be given unless successful authentication occurs from our servers.

3. Does Mi-WiFi provide the Internet signal?

No. We are not an Internet Service Provider, but can pass you on to our partners if you need this as well.

4. What is needed to use Mi-WiFi?

An internet connection. And Mi-WiFi only works through either of these two devices : SonicWALL or Mikrotik. Depending on the requirements of the network, one of these will be installed.

5. Is it for home use?

Not really. It is for managing access to the internet on a larger scale, like airports, hotels, B&Bs, Libraries, etc. Unless your home has many people passing through on a daily basis who might abuse your internet, then by all means, Mi-WiFi is exactly what you need!

6. What are the min / max number of users at a hot spot?

There is no minimum but the maximum depends on the License package purchased. Click here for packages

7. What does it cost?

Mi-WiFi is a yearly license which is determined by how many concurrent users are expected to be using your wireless at any one time. We have packages ranging from a few users to thousands. For pricing on the different packages, please contact us.

8. Branding branding branding…

The logon page can be your own page – marketing you, not us. And there’s advertising potential to showcase your specials or partners. Or getting your suppliers to pay for a spot is an option to make some revenue without asking guests to pay for access. Adverts can be time specific as well – so, for example, breakfast specials are displayed in the morning, and dinner specials, well, later.


1. Does Mi-WiFi provide the internet?

No. Mi-WiFi is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) like Telkom, Vodacom or Neotel. Mi-WiFi is a tool used to manage the guest internet access at a venue.

2. Does Mi-WiFi throttle the line speed?

No. We don’t change anything about the internet package you receive from your ISP.

3. Why do I need to use Mi-WiFi?

Surveys reveal that people expect WiFi access in nearly every place they visit. Hotspots need to be safe and secure for all users. The recent POPI act (Protection of Personal Information) means that you, the hotspot venue, is responsible for what happens on your network, and all the information available on it. Mi-WiFi enables you to manage who has access to the internet and how they get it. It is Your hotspot, done Your way.
Then there are the great Mi-WiFi features such as marketing and branded advertising, URL redirection to your website, Polls and Customer feedback options, as well as social media opportunities to increase your footprint there.

4. What do I need to be able to use Mi-WiFi software at my venue?

You need to have an internet connection in place. Then, you add in the SonicWALL or Mikrotik (depending on which version of Mi-WiFi you wish to take advantage of), and the wireless network for signal distribution around your venue. Some venues are small and can actually use the internal wifi on the SonicWALL or Mikrotik for signal distribution, thereby reducing the cost of the solution installation.

5. What does Mi-WiFi cost?

Mi-WiFi licenses are based on concurrent connections at a venue, and originally modeled around the maximum counts on the various SonicWALL devices. The licenses need to the renewed annually to ensure access to our great features, and this is at a 25% reduction in follow up years. For actual pricing on the different packages, please contact us.

6. How does the invoicing work for the license?

Mi-WiFi is sold through Resellers. Your license is given to your Reseller, and they in turn invoice you for it. There is no direct invoicing between Mi-WiFi and the venue.

7. What does concurrent connections mean?

This is the number of active connections at any point in time. It means that 15 people are actively connected to the network and creating traffic at the same time.

8. What control do I have on the internet usage through the Mi-WiFi admin portal

You can decide how you want to give access, for how much data and for how long a time period. You could charge for the internet access and recoup some money against the cost of the usage, or you can offer access for free. You can use a combination of the above. It is all editable at your fingertips.

9. What do I do if a guest cannot connect to the hotspot using their device?

There are simple troubleshooting guidelines to follow, and if still unable to resolve the issue, please contact your Reseller for assistance.

10. Can I change Resellers and keep using Mi-WiFi?

Yes. It does happen that IT companies change, and as a result clients may wish to move services. So, as long as there is mutual consent and agreement between all parties concerned, Mi-WiFi can transfer your account to another Reseller.

11. What if I have a low regular user venue, but host events for large groups?

By using the EVENTS access type at a venue, Mi-WiFi allows for 5 times the concurrency for the duration of the event as set out in the admin area. So a Bronze license for 15 users, can accommodate up to 60 concurrent connections during the event period.


1. How do I connect to the guest network?

  • Turn on the WiFi connection on your device.
  • Scan for the correct network, and join the network.
  • If you are not prompted immediately to a browser login page, please open your device internet browser and attempt visiting a new website.
  • The redirect will bring to the venue’s branded log in page.
  • Enter your allocated Access Code, or click on Free Access if it is enabled on the login page
  • 2. What is done with any information I may provide during the login process?

    By using the hotspot you automatically agree to the terms and conditions, disclaimers and rules in place there. Any information gathered is stored securely in the Mi-WiFi database/servers and only those with the applicable admin permissions have access the information you provide. Mi-WiFi does not use this information. But the venue may want to contact you for marketing purposes should you agree to provide your details for access to the hotspot.

    3. Who do I contact if I have a problem with joining the network?

    Contact the reception/waiter/manager at the venue where you are trying to connect and they can assist you with troubleshooting your device.

    4. Can I use my email mailbox on my device before authenticating on the login page?

    No. Your mailbox needs an internet connection before it can receive and send any emails. You will need to go through the authentication process first before attempting to use your email.

    5. Why is whatsapp (or other internet dependant apps) not working on my phone?

    Internet dependent apps need an active internet connection in order to function. Please check your internet connection, and ensure you have authenticated on the login page at the venue.

    6. Will my Access Code work in other WiFi hotspots?

    Only if this venue has partners that also use Mi-WiFi software to manage their hotspot, and they have enabled “reciprocity” on the Access Codes.


    1. What extra services can I offer my client when proposing Mi-WiFi as a solution?

    Anything your company has expertise in regarding IT and wireless networks, including Internet services, Hardware and Hardware maintenance and management services/agreements. We suggest you try offer a complete solution. Mi-WiFi completes the wireless solution.

    2. Will I get training on how to implement Mi-WiFi?

    Yes. All documentation required for enabling Mi-WiFi server communication with the Mikrotik/SonicWALL will be provided when you sign up as a Reseller. You will be assisted with a walk through on the documentation and the applicable areas for configuration on the hardware. Mi-WiFi admin area walk through will also be given. There are user guides available through the admin area for reference. You may also book assistance with your first installation if you require it.

    3. What support does Mi-WiFi offer Resellers?

    Mi-WiFi offers support on our software, the online Mi-WiFi admin area. Where assistance of a higher technical nature is required on any hardware devices or diagnosis of network issues, this would be outsourced.

    4. How is Mi-WiFi different from its competitors?

    Most of our competitors offer a single WiFi solution controlled at every level by themselves. When services are cancelled with these competitors you loose the internet, the hardware, the network, the hotspot. Mi-WiFi makes it possible for a client/reseller to put their own WiFi “puzzle” together using different suppliers. You can change parts of the puzzle without replacing the entire solution. In this way, more companies are able to benefit from the installation of a Mi-WiFi solution, than the monopoly on services from a competitor.

    5. Why use SonicWALL with Mi-WiFi?

    SonicWALL is a next generation firewall used for venues which require (desire) more control on their networks, has up-to-date virus and malware protection and manages specific internet traffic (website blocking, downloading, who is doing what where when and how). This version of Mi-WiFi was developed first based on the lightweight messaging system on SonicWALLs. It can do all the functions of the Mikrotik version and much much more. See our feature comparison here.

    6. Why use Mikrotik with Mi-WiFi?

    The Mikrotik is a router, not a firewall. It allows for a simple hotspot deployment/management solution where the establishment may not be overly concerned with the traffic, internet usage, or application control on the network but wants to offer a branded WiFi login with free access and/or access codes. See our feature comparison here

    7. Does Mi-WiFi sell any of the hardware required for the solution?

    No. All related hardware required can be purchased from one of our Reseller partners.

    8. What do I need to know in order to implement the solution at a venue?

    SonicWALL firewalls require certification in order to know how to be configured correctly throughout. Other than that, networking skills are necessary and a certain amount of IT genius.

    9. Is there marketing materials available?

    Yes. There is material available through the admin area, and if there is something more which you require, please contact us. Resellers are free to create their own marketing material as long as they keep our corporate identity in tact, and don’t misrepresent any of our software features.

    10. Who should my client, or their guests, contact if they have a problem?

    You, the Reseller. Most problems relate to guest devices and personal/office settings. All error messages which appear when using Mi-WiFi have an explanation and possible fix included.