The Best Solution for Guest Wireless Networking!

Hotels, Guest Houses and B&B’s

Mi-WiFi offers a user-friendly experience for both guests and hospitality staff. It is fully customisable to accommodate multiple rooms and multiple guests within each room. Guests are offered wireless which can either be included in their accommodation, or as an extra charge - determined by management. The duration that Mi-WiFi is supplied to guests is selected by a simple room reception check in and check out. The ability to create multiple wireless networks ensures that establishments can cater for all solutions. As an example, a hotel may have both conference facilities and a coffee shop. Mi-WiFi will enable this establishment to set up wireless options that allows them to manage connections for each area as well as separate advertising options if required. Usage reports provide the establishment with a real-time view on their usage statistics.

Mi-WiFi Access Examples Include:

  • Pre-printed tokens in the form of a business card.
  • Tokens can be printed in-house on an office printer or till slip.
  • Email sent to the relevant guest.


Branding is managed by the facility/establishment and they have full control over changing it whenever they want. Branding can be displayed:

  • On the printed tokens for VIP users.
  • On the logon page. It is fully customisable and allows for branding and displaying advertising.
  • For hotel chains there is the option to enforce uniform branding standards across the group, but also individualise to each if desired.


  • Revenue opportunity by selling advertising space on the logon page.
  • Able to show specials from the in-house spa or restaurant.
  • Ability to show specials on different days and at different times (eg: Tuesday breakfast, Saturday Dinner etc.).


  • Content Filtering Restrict access to sites that could be considered offensive or are prohibited.
  • Bandwidth Management Ability to block torrent/peer-to-peer sites, thereby preventing bandwidth from being exploited.
  • Guest Security Users are isolated from each other, ensuring privacy and reducing the potential for spreading of Viruses.
  • Multiple Networks (SSID) Allows an establishment to have multiple networks (SSID's) running off the same hardware.
  • Fairnet Ensures even distribution of bandwidth, preventing a user from "hogging the line" to the detriment of other users.
  • Statistics Gather details on usage and how people make use of your Wi-Fi.