The Best Solution for Guest Wireless Networking!

Conferencing & Education

Mi-WiFi offers a superior solution for permitting multiple users on one or more networks, while still affording security and control. In a conferencing or lecturing environment, quick, safe and evenly distributed bandwidth is essential. Important in these group settings is the ability to block websites with offensive or adult content.
Included within Mi-WiFi is the ability to schedule events and defined parameters, allowing you to make sure that access is only available between pre-determined time slots. Access to an approved set of Internet sites can be made possible while connecting to a different network, off the same hardware, could allow different privileges, thus catering for varying groups within the same area.

Mi-WiFi Access Examples Include:

  • Pre-approved users.
  • Limited access per day.
  • Shared public access.
  • Display group password.


Branding is managed by the facility / establishment and they have full control over changing it whenever they want. Branding can be displayed:

  • On the logon page. It is fully customisable and allows for branding and displaying advertising.
  • For venues that may have multiple conference rooms, each can be individually branded according to the client. eg: Room 1-Client A; Room 2-Client B = individualised branding.


  • Revenue opportunity by selling advertising space on the logon page.
  • Stats of bandwidth used provides the information needed if the client is to be charged according to usage.


  • Content Filtering Restrict access to sites that could be considered offensive or are prohibited.
  • Bandwidth Management Ability to block torrent/peer-to-peer sites, thereby preventing bandwidth from being exploited.
  • Guest Security Users are isolated from each other, ensuring privacy and reducing the potential for spreading of Viruses.
  • Multiple Networks (SSID) Allows an establishment to have multiple networks (SSID's) running off the same hardware.
  • Fairnet Ensures even distribution of bandwidth, preventing a user from "hogging the line" to the detriment of other users.
  • Statistics Gather details on usage and how people make use of your Wi-Fi.


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