The Best Solution for Guest Wireless Networking!

Business & Corporate Environs

We are in a connected era and many people have at least one device that connects to the Internet, be it a laptop, smart phone or tablet of some sort. Mi-WiFi allows you to offer secure and managed Internet access to any guest, thereby allowing them to connect for business or simply to update their Facebook status.
Waiting rooms for business, banks, lawyers, salons, service centres, etc. are all areas where people spend time waiting. By providing Internet access these guests will be less likely to become frustrated with the wait, as they are able to be productive and remain occupied.

Mi-WiFi Access Examples Include:

  • Pre-printed tokens in the form of a business card.
  • Open access with predefined usage limits.
  • Capture guests details for marketing opportunities.


Branding can be tailored to each tenant. Branding can be displayed:

  • On the logon page. It is fully customisable and allows for branding and displaying advertising.
  • Records can be kept of bandwith usage per tenant, and either throttled, or charged for accordingly.


  • Revenue opportunity by selling advertising space on the logon page.
  • A Mi-WiFi sign would be an appealing option to have up for customers to idetify a hotspot.


  • Content Filtering Restrict access to sites that could be considered offensive or are prohibited.
  • Bandwidth Management Ability to block torrent/peer-to-peer sites, thereby preventing bandwidth from being exploited.
  • Guest Security Users are isolated from each other, ensuring privacy and reducing the potential for spreading of Viruses.
  • Multiple Networks (SSID) Allows an establishment to have multiple networks (SSID's) running off the same hardware.
  • Fairnet Ensures even distribution of bandwidth, preventing a user from "hogging the line" to the detriment of other users.
  • Statistics Gather details on usage and how people make use of your Wi-Fi.


Showcase your services and products to guests while they wait or create a survey that gets you valuable insights into customer satisfaction levels. By offering additional value to clients you confirm your commitment to them and prove that their business is appreciated.